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Megan Haddock - Art & Illustration

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About Megan Haddock

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Instagram: @hiccupthree

For business enquiries please contact:


Telephone: 07397977040

I'm a freelance illustrator based in Reading with a passion for environment and location. I love exploring the world around me, immersing myself in natural and urban environments, finding beauty in the unassuming and overlooked, and bringing these things to life in my artwork.


My art aims to depict locations emotionally and atmospherically, with a heavy emphasis on tight, focused colour palettes, strong scene composition and visual storytelling to capture a sense of place and strong mood. I consider every element of a scene carefully to give my environments a sense of history and life, and compose these elements carefully to best convey the emotion, focus and scale of a scene.

I'm keen for my work to explore a wide variety of subjects and draw from a range of influences, and am passionate about making work that has a positive impact on the world, people, and the environment.

If you feel my skills and style work for you or a job you have in mind, please get in touch.

© 2023 Megan Haddock. All Rights Reserved. Images may not be used without permission.          07397977040

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Megan Haddock - Art & Illustration

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